We welcome submissions for the 2021 SOUNDBOX showcase in addition to the SOUNDBOX YouTube virtual performance segment. Submitted media will be considered for ziphaus' YouTube channel, and social platforms. Performers: Please follow the guidelines and procedures that follow.


SOUNDBOX 2021 Showcase - June 1st Deadline

SOUNDBOX Virtual Performance - On-Going

Content Guidelines

  • Video output is to be well lit and should not appear dark on-screen creating difficulty in seeing the features of the subjects in the video.

  • All shots are to be clearly focused and well framed. Close-ups should focus attention, not distract the viewer.

  • Video output is to be stable, not shaky. A tripod should be used whenever possible to reduce "camera shake." If tripod use is not possible, camera shake should be very minimal.

  • NO titles or other text should be added to the video. 

  • NO additional graphics or animations should be added.

  • NO fade-in/fade-outs, effects, etc.

  • NO unauthorized music.

We will not accept works containing profanity or content that contains extreme or disturbing content. We require that videos do not include commercial logos, messages, or URLs directing viewers to external businesses.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

For media to be considered for ziphaus' production, you must have created and/or have permission to use all content, including video and still imagery, words, and music. You also will need to gain permission if your video includes sets, props, lighting, and/or costumes designed by individuals who are not part of the processing.

File Formats & Specs

Layout:  1080p (1920 x 1080) or 4K (3840 × 2160) NO verticals

These specs can be shot on an iPhone or android.

File Type: mov, or mp4

Time: 4min Max

Submission: via this form


Please fill out the form below with the relevant information, and contact details.  Please read the guidelines for information about specs, and requirements for qualification. If you have additional questions please email Thank you!

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